Waiting for Time Warner to replace your cable box? Waiting for a Tinder swipe? Waiting for your buzz cut to grow out? Waiting for an orgasm? Waiting for your cold sore to heal? Waiting for your boss to be transferred? Waiting for your script to be optioned? Waiting for your IPO to go public? Waiting for your dog to pee? Waiting for your divorce to go through? Waiting for an apology? Waiting for your unemployment check? Waiting for your Prozac to kick in? Waiting for ….

Try Uber…or your mom

And you think your partner is difficult?

And you thought Putin was an iliterate?

So over! Download…Ninja Cat!!

You can only understand this if you live in NYC

the progenitor

Samuel Beckett, Keith Richards: separated at birht

Oh our dear backers, Are you waiting for an update? This is it! But a new one coming tomorrow on…either Victorian Spanking

if you up your pledge, you can get this reward!

 or Existential Dread.

And you think a dead car battery is a bummer?

Stay tuned for whatever it will be. Que sera sera.


In the meantime, thank you from the bottom of our hears for your support.


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Censorship is a serious issue. Join the Underground. This is not just a film; it’s a cause.


If you up your pledge you can own this original Ginsberg poster, that hung for forty years on Barney Rosset’s wall

As Barney Rosset and his Grove Press and Evergreen Review taught a generation…

This is why we need to save Barney Rosset’s legacy

Barney Rosset and Samuel Beckett were life-long friends. Barney was the first American publisher to take a chance on Beckett. Although “Waiting for Godot” and his many other works are now classics read and performed around the world (including prisons), Beckett could not find an American publisher before Barney took him on. Let’s not wait for Barney to be forgotten. Help us save his legacy. For the price of two lattes, or (if you’re really generous) a Broadway show, you can make a difference.



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