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BARNEY’S WALL Needs Money to Complete Film

A film about the creative vision and legacy of Barney Rosset
Astrid Myers-Rosset with a portion of Barney Rosset’s wall mural, the focus of a new film. Jennifer Landes photos

The producers of the film “Barney’s Wall,” about the creative vision and legacy of Barney Rosset, need money to cover post-production costs.

The film focuses on the man and the mural he made in his later years on the main wall of his apartment and office space in the East Village. He worked on the mural until the last days of his life in 2012. In the years following his death, the apartment was sold to developers, and it was clear that the mural would not survive there.

An effort, described in The Star in 2014, was made to save the wall and, if not, to at least record the interaction of Mr. Rosset’s friends with it as they said goodbye. The filmmakers, Sandy Gotham Meehan and Williams Cole, promise an exciting surprise ending, which may bode well for preservation. In the meantime, the producers need at least $75,000 to complete the film and double that to bring in top professionals, commission a soundtrack, and have the work completed in time for a fall premiere and screenings at film festivals.

Those interested in helping can go to the Kickstarter website for “Barney’s Wall.” There are a number of unique rewards, particularly suitable to the project and its subject beginning at the $25 level. The effort ends on April 23.

One of Mr. Rosset’s sculptural details that he attached to the wall.

One of the war scenes from the wall.