We reveal the bloody truth of what it’s like to be behind the scenes on Kickstarter

This is the raw truth.

We are shark bait.

Only you can help us stay alive.

So bring them in, all the as yet clueless who just need a shout-out from you on your social media to keep us going.

Bring us Dolphins!

The intelligent species who, if they had credit cards or off-shore tax shelters, surely would save us indie filmmakers from financial ruin.

You alone have the power to save Barney’s wall.

Here’s why it’s so important.

Listen up to a moment of truly terrifying pop culture horror:

That’s what keeps us going through all these long nights of editing and fund-raising and updating. Why we made our film and why we’re determined to get it into theaters, with your help.

In one movie trailer, worth a thousand words:

Feel any shivers? Or echoes?

Join the Underground, make a pledge, make a statement.

This is not just a film. It’s a movement.

Dedicated to Barney Rosset, who knew a fin when he saw one.





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