Yes, you clever readers! That photo of Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin in Update #2 is from the movie, Henry and June, the Hollywood version of one of the hottest literary and sexual relationships of all time.

Here’s a reward for your keen eyes.

First, the trailer of the film. (Spoiler alert: as we know, the book is always better than the movie)

And now, the podcast of all time, Anaïs Nin reading from her literally mind-blowing Diaries:

Yes! That’s really Anaïs Nin’s mesmerizing voice! Her charming lisp! No wonder besotted Henry listened to her endlessly.

Anaïs rewarded Henry for his adoration by writing the introduction to the 1994 Grove Press edition of Tropic of Cancer, in which she wrote, “The prominent note will seem one of bitterness, and bitterness there is, to the full. But there is also a wild extravagance, a mad gaiety, a verve, a gusto, at time almost a delirium.” One wonders if Anaïs is writing of her own affair with Henry. One hopes so.

To our own dear readers: keep checking our site day by day. Always a surprise here on our uncensored Update pages for you – and new rewards to come.

And thank you for getting the word out to EVERYONE YOU KNOW about Barney’s Wall.


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